Hello world!

Hi there,

I’m migrating my blog here, so this is my new “home”. First question was, should I leave the “hello world” as the first title. And heck yeah, let’s let it start with a cliché. :)

For what it’s worth, here’s what’s going on here. I used to have a personal blog at peachandfuzz.blogspot.com, which then moved to peachandfuzz.com and which now is here. When I moved from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress, I migrated all the blog content-. This time round, however, it’s a fresh new start. II’ll be writing out some thoughts and some ideas/ramblings on language and at times I will be revisiting some old memories, re-writing a post from the old blog. But for the most part it’s a fresh start, rather than a whole make-over of an old blog.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Congratulations for your contribution in the old blog which was quite interesting and very informative.Wishing you luck in your new blog!!

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